Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Age, a newspaper based out of Melbourne, Australia, published an article today, May 2, 2009 titled "Art Helps Lift the Veil on Epilepsy." The circulation of the newspaper is more than 700,000 people. The story is sensitive and well-written. We appreciate the attention to Megan and to our study and exhibition related to the influence of epilepsy in visual art. I appreciate the opportunity to promote public awareness of artists with epilepsy. The Story covers one-half of page 3 of the maing section of The Age.

There are a few excellent articles from Newsweek from April that you should read entitled

"A Storm in the Brain: The toll of epilepsy has been overlooked - and underfunded - for too long,"
"A Call to Arms in the Epilepsy Fight,"
"In the grip of the Unknown," and
"The Axelrods' Battle with Epilepsy."