Monday, September 22, 2008

Creative Sparks: An Art Exhibition from People with Epilepsy and Migraines

In the first week of May 2009 we will post an on-line award exhibition called "Creative Sparks: An Art Exhibition from People with Epilepsy." We now have enough entrants for this art exhibition to be the largest showing of a collection of art by people with epilepsy. This will give people with epilepsy a powerful collective voice that brings about better understanding and appreciation.

Each person who is 18 or older and has experienced two or more seizures has the option to have one of his or her artworks displayed, along with the answers to the two following questions.

1. What is the single most important or compelling reason why you would want to show your art while sharing that you have epilepsy?

2. What would you like for people to better understand about epilepsy?

Participants can provide a picture of oneself for display as an option. The image of oneself can be in photograph, painting, drawing, sculpture or digital image. Your self-image can be realistic, cartoon, abstract, surreal or metaphorical.

On May 7, 2009 there will be an art exhibition for people with epilepsy and migraines at St. Vincent's Hospital in Melbourne Australia. Participants maintain ownership and copyright interests of the artwork that is displayed, with the exception of purchase awards. Purchase awards will be no less that $1,000. Entrants must specify what artworks can be purchased by sponsors of the awards.

Entries can be anonymous.

Please contact Jim Chambliss for further information at